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Charles di Cagno the Manhattan Center supervisor, was director of Social Phobia and Public Speaking Anxiety at The White Plains Hospital Phobia Clinic for twenty-one years, where he trained directly under it's founder, Dr. Manuel Zane (Your Phobia). He has a B.A. in Speech, an M.S. from Pace University, was CTM/Mentor with Toastmasters International, and a graduate of the Dale Carnegie Public Speaking program. He teaches regularly at the Open Center in Manhattan, and is an active theater producer/writer/director and acting instructor, who studied drama with the late Stella Adler (Marlon Brando and Robert DeNiro are former students.) Most important, he understands the problem, having suffered with it for many years. He says "I am convinced, with the right attitude and proper guidance, you too can make the same advances I have."

Photo of Charles di Cagno with Dr. Zane

Charles di Cagno [center] with Dr. Manuel Zane,
at the 30th anniversary of the White Plains Hospital Phobia Clinic.

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