Public Speaking Center of NY

"Public Speaking -- Public Enemy #1"

A step by step guide for mastering public speaking and social anxiety.

by Charles di Cagno


* Causes
* Getting Help
* What it Takes to be Successful
* Facing Fear in Manageable Steps
* Overcoming Obstacles
* The Healing Process
* Conversation Skills
* Improving Focus
* Speak while Standing
* Gestures and Movement
* Voice and Projection

* Reading in Public
* Impromptu Speaking
* Answering Questions
* Handling Confrontation
* The Perception of Formality
* Prepared Speech
* Selling Yourself and Your Ideas
* Special Occasion Presentation
* Independence from Fear
* Expanding Your Zone of Comfort
* General Well Being


[CAUTION: This is not the class Workbook, which is a requirement for those enrolled in the course, and an entirely different document. If you wish to order the Workbook instead, please click Workbook]

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